Nestabilities storage

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I made progress on the mini from last week at the crop but not enough to share it yet. BUT I did find another use for those magnacards magnetic business card backs!

I didn’t see any point to creating some totally new storage item when the little folders the Nesties come in are perfectly reasonable, size-wise, and have the advantage of including the instructions! I just slapped on one of the cards to the folder and….

Some of them fit perfectly with one card, some required a little bit added to make sure they are secure:

The folders fit quite nicely inside an old laundry-pod tub.  Cheap and perfect. I imagine you could do the same with any thin magnetic sheets.

And now for something completely different!  This Photoshop tutorial rap had me in stitches – and surprisingly actually taught me a few things.  I would make sure your volume isn’t too high before you click PLAY:

Most of the language is censored but if you can get past the bits that aren’t you should get a good Monday giggle out of it.

One thought on “Nestabilities storage

  1. Great, cannot wait for mine to arrive now. Talk about timing – I’m ready to start hanging my nesties on my wall and wanted to use magnets also, and it never occurred to me to use the cards, doh! Thanks for the extra ideas for them. xoxo

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