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Nestabilities storage

I made progress on the mini from last week at the crop but not enough to share it yet. BUT I did find another use for those magnacards magnetic business card backs!

I didn’t see any point to creating some totally new storage item when the little folders the Nesties come in are perfectly reasonable, size-wise, and have the advantage of including the instructions! I just slapped on one of the cards to the folder and….

Some of them fit perfectly with one card, some required a little bit added to make sure they are secure:

The folders fit quite nicely inside an old laundry-pod tub.  Cheap and perfect. I imagine you could do the same with any thin magnetic sheets.

And now for something completely different!  This Photoshop tutorial rap had me in stitches – and surprisingly actually taught me a few things.  I would make sure your volume isn’t too high before you click PLAY:

Most of the language is censored but if you can get past the bits that aren’t you should get a good Monday giggle out of it.