WOYWW – rosettes with a difference


Hello WOYWWers! It’s been too long since I have been able to have a lay at my desk, with the festive season, the surprising snowfall, and DDs ice show hell-week (which coincided with the snow week as well) but I have had a chance finally to do SOMETHING crafty , other than paper globes for ornament gifts – they work perfectly to hang around a bottle of wine as a little something extra.

Anyway, I have also been playing with more rosettes – where did I read that they will be BIG (in popularity, not size!) in 2011, with many scrapbook manufacturers selling them as pre-made embellishments?  Can’t recall.  But as you know I’ve been making them by hand with just a scoreboard and paper trimmer for a while now and see no reason to switch.  But if they will become ubiquitous, then I want mine to stand out so ..

I’ve made them before adding a little line of Stickles to the center valley fold between each peak, but I wanted something NOT bling for a change (and despite how hard it is to admit, bling is NOT always appropriate! LOL!) so I have been sewing, a bit.  I just went round the rosette with a bit of spare embroidery floss, from the middle along the valley, around the edge back into the middle and carried on till I had lined each valley.

This floss was Marlett, so a bit shimmery.  I like it almost better with the standard matt floss

And then I got really crazy and ironed on some thin fuseable interfacing to the back and made a fabric one!  Now this I really like.  I think it could make the basis for a cute lapel pin.

I added a YouTube video for the process yesterday and you can see it here

I am starved for inspiration so am very much looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing.  I suspect it will take a while because I would love to find the time to go back 3 weeks to see the ones I missed! I can already see I missed Julia’s new decor over at WOYWW Ground Zero,  The Stamping Ground – I thought i was in the wrong place for a minute!

No desk shot as I am working on another project and it is chaos. I’m not going to be the one you look to and say “At least my desk isn’t THAT bad!” this week


31 thoughts on “WOYWW – rosettes with a difference

  1. Well Maryanne I love this I think you might have just started a new craze here with fabric rosettes

  2. Love these rosettes, must have a go at them myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Wow love your rosettes not sure I have the patiance for them but they look stunning – my favourite is the material one 🙂 Nicky 124

  4. These are super. Thankyou so much for the video.
    Very clear and easy to follow. #87

  5. Love your rosettes. It looks as though someone has had a hidden spy camera in your house, stealing your ideas. The originals are always the best, though. The fabric ones are especially beautiful.

  6. Beautiful little embellishments…I don’t think I have ever seen them before. I will have to learn how to do that!

    Thanks for the peek! 😀


  7. Ha! Well I know my desk isn’t that bad, as I type, it’s empty (on account of having to move everything for DH to stand on it…maintenance story, yawn).
    Anyhoo, welcome back and happy New Year – loving the rosettes…what I’ve noticed about you is that you don’t mind the time it takes to see to the details – I love the embroidery idea! And you choice of fabric actually!

  8. ohhh they are gorgeous and I love the line of stickles.
    Sandra #66

  9. I absolutely LOVE the fabric one! I agree with you, no reason to buy when you can make it yourself and its more satisfying too!
    Tertia 122

  10. Yoou have made some lovely rosettes. I would not be too surprised if they are not the flavour of 2011; I have seen a few ladies make them. Why don’t you make some to sell??? Have you thought of it?
    Sue xx 50

  11. Lovely rosettes, I really like the one with the shimmer floss.

    Brenda 83

  12. Fab Rosettes. Hugs Pam x

  13. These are just lovely, not sure I would have the patience to make my own so I’ll look out for them on sale LOL!
    Linby x #109

  14. Great rosettes – the last one is my favourite!!

  15. Very pretty and shimmery! They must have taken a while to make. And now you have the pleasure of choosing how to use them…

    Bernie #17

  16. WOW. These rosettes are so detailed. I love how you showed exactly how to make them. Wish I could hand sew. It looks like the perfect lapel pin or even a removable accent for a card. Happy WOYWW from # 16.

  17. I love the fabric rosette. Have a great week!

  18. I love your fabric rosette MA, but I think I’m a bit too fabric-phobic to try it myself! lol

  19. These are so pretty!!! Don’t you hate when big companies jump on the bandwagon and start with the pre-made goodies??LOL I am glad you are staying ahead of the rosette game and making yours stand out even more. They are beautiful!

  20. Happy New Year! Love those rosettes! I have a thing for rosettes at the moment so have succumbed and bought the sizzix die – you watch I will probably stop making them now! Thanks for sharing. No. 28.

  21. Great pics! Thank you for sharing.

    Do you know about my candy? Pop over to my blog and join!:)


  22. Love your rosettes, and well done on making them your own..I especially love the fabic one.. i’m kinda lazy so had to invest in Tims die for mine.

    Happy New Year to you
    Minxy #25

  23. As a farbic worker I have to say I love the last one best 🙂
    A x

  24. Love the Rossettes they are all fab and yes they will be the latest crafty craze this coming year.Out go martha punches in comes rossettes!
    Happy creating
    hugs judex6

  25. they are gorgeous, think my favourites are the 2 bright ones

  26. Ok…so I’m coming back to spend time on this one! I stopped into Roberts Crafts today and saw tons of rosettes pre-made and on samples, so I think that your predictions are spot on! Yours are gorg.e.ous! Happy 2011!

  27. Cool rosettes! I had a go at making my own but when I saw the Tim Holtz die that does all the cutting & scoring for you I just couldn’t resist. Although I feel a bit of a cheat now I’ve seen yours! Great idea to do stitching on them.


  28. Such lovely rosettes – I bought the Tim Holtz die to make them – feels like cheating now! 🙂

  29. Wow, gorgeous! Looks like hard work. Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    Hugs, Marjo #23

  30. Great rosettes, I love the centrepieces!
    Happy New Year!
    Chrissie #3

  31. Oh yes, I love these, not sure I would have the patience to do the sewing up the valleys (who am I kidding, I know I wouldn’t have the patience)!!

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