WOYWW – rosettes with a difference

Hello WOYWWers! It’s been too long since I have been able to have a lay at my desk, with the festive season, the surprising snowfall, and DDs ice show hell-week (which coincided with the snow week as well) but I have had a chance finally to do SOMETHING crafty , other than paper globes for ornament gifts – they work perfectly to hang around a bottle of wine as a little something extra.

Anyway, I have also been playing with more rosettes – where did I read that they will be BIG (in popularity, not size!) in 2011, with many scrapbook manufacturers selling them as pre-made embellishments?  Can’t recall.  But as you know I’ve been making them by hand with just a scoreboard and paper trimmer for a while now and see no reason to switch.  But if they will become ubiquitous, then I want mine to stand out so ..

I’ve made them before adding a little line of Stickles to the center valley fold between each peak, but I wanted something NOT bling for a change (and despite how hard it is to admit, bling is NOT always appropriate! LOL!) so I have been sewing, a bit.  I just went round the rosette with a bit of spare embroidery floss, from the middle along the valley, around the edge back into the middle and carried on till I had lined each valley.

This floss was Marlett, so a bit shimmery.  I like it almost better with the standard matt floss

And then I got really crazy and ironed on some thin fuseable interfacing to the back and made a fabric one!  Now this I really like.  I think it could make the basis for a cute lapel pin.

I added a YouTube video for the process yesterday and you can see it here

I am starved for inspiration so am very much looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing.  I suspect it will take a while because I would love to find the time to go back 3 weeks to see the ones I missed! I can already see I missed Julia’s new decor over at WOYWW Ground Zero,  The Stamping Ground – I thought i was in the wrong place for a minute!

No desk shot as I am working on another project and it is chaos. I’m not going to be the one you look to and say “At least my desk isn’t THAT bad!” this week