DS is 18!

Oh lordy, lordy.  I am the mother of an adult today!  How did that happen?

While I do have a crafty bit of my own to add, it’ll have to wait as today I have to bake peanut butter cookies in lieu of a birthday cake.  And there are a few other things going on that will keep me from making a proper post.  Since I missed out on the Sunday-someplace-else for a few weeks, I am going to drop this little gem on you, by Marie Darby.  I love the idea – it reminds me of the door curtain made from old slides, but perhaps easier to do as all you need are digital photos.

There are details on how to make on yourself on Under the Sycamore, and the supplies list is quite small: a lampshade (apparently you can get self-adhesive ones), glue, vellum, cutting tools, photos and a printer.

If the photo version doesn’t float your boat, there is another version using text.