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Oddball post – not remotely Christmas related!

I got a few movies, finally, from LOVEFilm – one of them was American – the Bill Hicks Story.  Bill Hicks was a comedian who died at 32 of pancreatic cancer.  He was more popular here than he was in the States, which at once makes complete sense and no sense at all.  The thing that struck me was the stop-action animation that comprised most of the film, and which was done very much in the collage style.  The filmmakers took still images from photos and captured from video, and animated them to create movement.

It was such an amazing visual, interesting to watch, although having read the book American Scream and seen other documentaries on Bill before I can’t say it was a COMPLETE picture of the man, although it was, perhaps, the most intimate.  The film interviewed the 10 people who were closest to him. I love that something like altered art has been used like this, and so effectively.  Sometimes I got carried away by the visuals to the extent that I had to reverse to catch the audio!

Here is a trailer that has some clips that that showcase the style:

That clip also has two of my favourite bits – the “positive” LSD story and the Christians.

My favourite quote:

Folks, it’s time to evolve. That’s why we’re troubled. You know why our institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything’s failing? It’s because, um – they’re no longer relevant. We’re supposed to keep evolving. Evolution did not end with us growing opposable thumbs. You do know that, right? There’s another 90 percent of our brains that we have to illuminate.