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Well it has been the most manic week!  On all fronts.  DD had her Ice Show this week, which has been 4 nights of not getting home till near midnight, plus the havoc created by the weather uncertainty (last year she missed the final performance due to snow and ice so wasn’t in the DVD and there was no way we wanted that to happen THIS year.)  Luckily the icy roads didn’t affect our specific route from home to the rink an hour away and her Dad is a champion driver in all weather!  But that, combined with all the UKS sponsorship stuff and the pre-Christmas planning, shopping, wrapping, etc. meant blogging was pretty far down on my list.  I even missed WOYWW totally this week – and didn’t get to the Stampotique challenge yet either.  Shocking.

It’s not let up yet, as I have a day of cleaning in front of me.  DH, who rarely mentions the state of the house when it is slightly messy, suggested that this weekend we might “tidy this place up a bit” so I know it is clearly out of control, as that was even lower on my list than blogging!

So after some real work in the AM that will keep me busy for the rest of the day.

I hate to leave my very few regular readers without something, as I know from experience how annoying it is to keep checking back on a blog and see nothing new for weeks at a time, so I am going to share a past Christmas layout.  DD, in another “angel” themed piece, wearing some big wrapping paper bows as wings.  And mugging for the camera.  That kid.  She keeps me on my toes every day. Luckily I can glance up on the treetop to see her in a more angelic pose anytime the stress of the holidays bubbles up.

Hopefully I’ll be back with a cxrafty something soon, but for now it’s all about UKS, the cleaning, the laundry and the wrapping!

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