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Sunday-someplace-else (Creature Comforts)

I just love all the inspiration on this blog!  The link should go to the freebies and printables section so have a good browse around as there is quite a lot to see.  I missed this one out on the gift-tag round up, but it’s a lovely one:

And this little project, re-purposing old magazines into Christmas trees, is also quite adorable – and makes use of something you would normally recycle or throw away.

As an aside: I do hope the annoying denial of service attack stops soon.  Frankly, I am a bit fed up with the whole thing as it is killing web traffic – as someone who spends A LOT of time online its is infuriating.  I do wonder if the perpetrators of the attack have considered the fall out for kids across the world?  We do much of our shopping online, and it is putting those being able to place those orders in jeopardy.  If there are gaps under the Christmas tree, how, exactly, do you explain? “Not our problem” they may mutter, but have they really considered the implications?  and if so, how do they live with themselves knowing they are ruining Christmas (or at least stressing out already stressed parents?) for many.  Sure there is still time to shop in the traditional way, but I can’t believe that they are choosing to make the holiday season more difficult for whatever obscure reason.  And given how small businesses are struggling  already,  denying them access to online orders during a time that could be make-or-break for them seems seriously unfair.  Hopefully it will get sorted sooner rather than later.