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Stamping with bubblewrap

I have been having fun using bubble wrap to stamp with.  The problem is that I keep finding wads of scrunched up bubble wrap while I am cleaning up my craft room, and the flip side, that I keep looking for bubble wrap when I want it and can’t find it, or can’t find the SIZE I want.  Another thing I found was a handful of naked wooden block mounts that I bought at some point before acrylic blocks for stamps existed.  A match made in heaven!

Pretty basic stuff, but handy for me – I just wrap the..erm, WRAP around a wood mount, and tape it.  I tried to make sure the front was smooth and at least one of the sides was as well, that way I can get either a block of dots or a line of dots.  I did ne for the different sizes that I had, and once the bubbles get deflated after repeated tamping to cover with ink and then stamping, I can just remove it and add a new piece.  Keeping it with my stamps reminds me I have it, which is a good thing because I sometimes forget stuff like this, when using it would be the perfect solution!