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Polish Star

I know it’s spelled right, but I can’t help but read that as Polish – as in polish the silver!

Anyhow, I’ve seen these lovely spiky stars in a few places – good basic instructions are here and a video is here.  The wrapping was giving me no end or trouble when I used scrapbooking paper, but then I tried it with some lovely, thinner but quite sturdy wrapping paper I got from Paper Chase.  It’s basically a mulberry paper, with a design foiled on to one side.  It stands up to the rolling very well, and allows you to ge really crisp points.

I just have a couple of tips to add to:

When you have cut your circles, you can snip a whole stack of them (5 or 6 if it is this sort of thinner paper) so long as you secure the stack.

For the rolling, I used a bamboo skewer.  I did it this way – which, to be honest, I’m not sure if it isn’t the same as the instructions.  The skewer is a lot thinner than the pencil, so I think my way the roll if much tighter – it works, which is all I care about!

I lay the skewer in the middle of the section

Fold over the left side

Roll it up into a pointed cone

Add a daub of glue to secure

and it looks like this when done!

One section totally rolled

and the final ornament!

I like this one, but I can’t see making a ton of them!  Each spiky ball is 10 to 14 circles and it takes some time to curl them all.

Anyone else going to give it a go?

Oh and to say I lost steam a bit with yesterdays tag – I didn’t really like the original much and ave been dreading going back to make one.  So I’m not going to.  I loved the first 7, even if I didn’t have the right stuff, and liked what I made for my own, but tag 8 totally left me cold.  I did like the townscape tealight, but alas, no die.  I have an idea though, so I may see if that comes to fruition, and will get on with tag 9, which I really like, and already know how to make rosettes without the die. Eight out of nine is still a pretty good hit rate, so we’ll see what 10, 11, and 12 are like.