WOYWW – 8 December 2010


This will make Julia smile!  And maybe a few other WOYWWers too. What is on my W this week is something she watched me struggle with as she sat across from me at the crop on Saturday.  I rolled up, and announced I was going to do a little “warm up” project, one of the ubiquitous paper globe ornaments.  I figured that I would do something that didn’t take a lot of concentration so I could chat and get to know the crowd at this new and unfamiliar crop.  HA!  After about 2 hours of struggling with the set of instructions I had printed I gave up in disgust.  Maybe I took a wrong turn at some point but I just COULD NOT get any farther than a weirdly misshapen mess.  After eating too much at lunch (some stellar sweets were brought by other crop-goers) I moved on to  a layout, still unfinished.  But I was determined to sort out that globe!

And I did – but not with what I am convinced was a bad, BAD set of instructions!  I went looking for others and found a perfectly understandable set at a favourite site, Hello! My name is Heather.  If you fancy doing them, there is a PDF link in her sidebar – click it to download the instructions.

What this confirms is that there is great info out there on the net, as well as cr*p info.  If I had taken a bit more time to begin with I wouldn’t have wasted those hours and had something lovely at the end of it.

I have to admit I was worried it all might go pear-shaped, even with what looked like good instructions. so I opted for some scraps of Amy Butler paper I used on another project.  The next one will be from heavier paper and will be more “finished” (I had been Distress Inking the edges of all the circles on the discarded one, and toyed with the idea of mica-misting so def. planning that for another one!)  but I am just happy as Larry that this one turned out as well as it did – and in less than 30 minutes too.

So there you go, Mrs. Dunnit!  Mary Anne Dunnit! Still not sorted out the stacked tree you suggested but will possibly get to that after some actual work-work and the final tags from T!M.

So, what’s on YOUR work desk this week?  I can’t wait to find out.


18 thoughts on “WOYWW – 8 December 2010

  1. I’m so impressed; I’d have given up. I’m glad you didn’t though, because it looks great. You may even have inspired me to give it a go.

    cheers, rachel #40

  2. Even just having met you, I knew you wouldn’t be able to forget it! It looks marvellous I must say and I’m incredibly impressed, nay jealous, of your tenacity! I’ve had a few thoughts about trying the descending frill tree myself..but obviously, I haven’t actually done anything with the thoughts!

  3. That’s a really pretty ornament. In a way, I’m glad you’ve struggled with it, because I keep looking at it and thinking “nah, it’s going to be a mess if I try it”, so I can accept that my gut instinct is probably right. Yay you for persevering, and it does look lovely.

    Bernie #81

  4. Well you get extra Brownie points for persevering and what a pretty decoration it turned out! I never get anything done at crops, I use the time chatting and admiring everyone elses stuff!

  5. Hhm, looks complicated to me, even with good instructions… with bad instructions I’d probably glue myself to the table! Looks lovely though.

    Brenda 83

  6. I still can’t see a picture…it sounds..??? but will pop in again!!
    Happy WOYWW!! #53

  7. Fab ornament … only crafter appreciate how hard it can all be trying to following instructions, watch demo back to front etc. etc. Well done for persisting.

  8. I can see Julia grinning from ear to ear as she reads this post. I have seen that thing made on the Carol Duvall Show on HGTV years ago and Carol made it in FOUR minutes. The magic of tv. Glad you stuck with it. I would have pitched it in the trash in frustration, eaten more homemade goodies, talked a lot, and saved a bunch of stress after the fact (grin).

  9. I think most of us have tried some not so good instructions and ended up frustrated beyond reason. It’s definitely worse when it happens away from a crop no less!

    In the end it turned out gorgeous! way to stick with it.

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  10. Looks like all your efforts turned out wonderfully in the end. Congrats for stickig with it. Don’t forget to show the stacked tree when it is done. #92

  11. I read the entire post before I looked at the picture (I’m so proud of myself) and what a treat to see it in full on color! I’ve been wanting to attempt one and now you’ve got me motivated! Consider yourself bookmarked! Congrats on your stick to it ive ness.

  12. your crop sounds fun and well done on finishing your decoration….hugs kath xxxx 47

  13. Wonderful ornament! I’ll try one too. Looks a bit like a fabric ball I made once, it took some time to sew together.

    Maarit #37

  14. I like your unusual decoration. It does not look easy, though.
    Sue xx 70

  15. That is a fabulous decoration! When I finish (make that ‘start’) my Christmas Cards I will have to investigate that link further.
    Susan xxox #13

  16. see 3d instructions on 2d paper are not easy – I say we need more instructional videos – have you ever tried doing origami from a book?


  17. A pear shaped crop sounds like fun… I think I’d love to join in!
    That’s a really cute bauble!
    Chrissie #7

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