Tim’s Tags – day one


Well, my tag looks very little like Tim’s tag, but it may be a distant branch of the same tree.

I cleaned my desk to get ready. If you look back to the WOYWW post you will see how significant this is!

I haven’t taken a photo of my desk at the end, but will do so in the AM. Here’s the tag:

Let’s see – the house is from Dan99 – one of his cut-files.  Pretty sure you can get  them from a link on his blog, although mine has been resized to fit.

The little ticket is from Miss Cutie Pie – she does adorable ticket sheets to download and print.  You can’t see it in the photo but it’s curled like Tim’s!

The fence is Stampotique, the wreath is a stamp from a Papercraft Inspirations cover gift, and the “tree” is twisted paper bag.  I don;t think my snow fluff is the same as it’s more clear than white, and I have no idea where I got it (a GoGo kit maybe?  it’s a small unmarked pot)

I used both the lined embossing folder and a tree bark one to cover the house – no grunge paper so just plain old back-of-a-tablet piece of cardboard.

My tag is also way more blue, which is fine, although the warm “glow” (as if from a roaring fire) thru the window looks a bit greenish.  I think I might try to slip a bit of white card behind the window to back it.

The snow drifts are just curves of cardstock, with a little bit of Tumbled Glass on the edge and the snowy glitter. Thank goodness PST is a good 8 hours behind us in the UK, so I’ll have time to take a photo and then tidy up before Tag 2!



5 thoughts on “Tim’s Tags – day one

  1. You are getting me so excited! As soon as I’m finished here I get to look at Timmy’s tags! I didn’t even know about it but the word is spreading thru the WOYWWer ranks!
    I don’t know if yours looks like Tim’s or not, but it sure looks fab!
    AmberInk got lucky @#1!

  2. The colours on this are lovely, and like Patty, I’ll be stealing your brilliant idea with the paper bag.

  3. Love it! Great interpretation.

  4. Ah Ha…the UK’s answer to Mr. T!m! good for you, you clever girl! LOVED the paper bag trick…wouldn’t have thought of that in a million years!and yours actually looks do-able…when I saw how many steps to do Tim’s….I wasn’t sure I would live long enough! Thanks for posting {and for including beforehand where you gathered all your goodies!} Hope your Holidays are looking bright!

  5. Wow!!

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