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Sunday-someplace-else (Steampunk images)

I love the look of steampunk.  I love these free collage sheets.  Seems like a good post for a SSE.

And check out these hairstyles!

Be sure to have a look at all Betsi’s lenses – there is a lot of interesting stuff to explore. I found this wreath idea that might help me use up some of the little balls of yarn I have leftover from various projects.  She has a sort of overview of brayer techniques, where to source steampunk costumes and supplies, really good list of zombie gift ideas (not gifts FOR zombies, you understand – they really are just about the mindless killing – but gifts for zombie obsessed fans) including a great I ❤ Zombies image for tee shirts, mouse pads, etc.  and even a craft book about making felt zombies.  Honestly, I got a bit lost on the site, exploring all the sections.  I don’t know much about Squidoo, but I think I’ll take the time to explore it further after this.

Sorry this is a bit late in the day.  DS and I snuck out at 9 AM to see the new Harry Potter, then it’s been the UKS home page stuff, laundry, and trying to block out the sound of DS and his band all day.