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Surprise Saturday redux

As promised.  I didn’t get a comment on the last downloads so I am just not sure if they worked for anyone or not.  If you got them and they worked please let me know.  If they don’t work then I need to figure out what I am doing wrong!

Here is a .jpg this time. so a white background.  It should still be editable – ar at least I hope it is!

This is what my recipe “bags” look like finished and in the album!

You can see these recipes are well-worn so obviously favourites!

Here are the two recipes.  Give them a go – both are delish and make fabulous gravy. Hope you can read them! Sorry for the American measures – don’t let it put you off.  Oh and “salad oil” just means and sort of non-Olive oil, like sunflower or corn oil.  Nothing strongly flavoured and not Olive oil because it smokes.  No cooking times or temps.  Just follow the directions on the meat package as to time and temp by weight.