SDC20: bling!

Oh me, I love a bit of bling in my crafting.  Not so much ON ME, but cards, pages, minis…they all benefit from a bit of bling.  I rather cringe when thinking back to a Governor’s meeting, when, after arguing long and hard to make my point, and seeing slow agreement drift across a few of the sceptics faces, I sat back and crossed my legs and a glint caught my eye.  Yep.  There, stuck right too the knee of my jeans, a hot pink sticky-backed gem.  DOH!

So here is my effort – I stamped Bat Boy on white card and coloured his face and hands, trimming off his wings.  I stamped again onto sticky backed glitter sheets – funny, I mentioned them yesterday in the Treetop-angel-from-your-kid’s-photo post too! – then embossed with white embossing powder.  I had done it first, with black glitter embossing powder, which I really liked, but once I settled on the quote I felt like white wings worked better.  You have to be REALLY carefull embossing on the sticky backed vinyl or it will bubble up (which may be cool for some things but not the look I wanted here. When I cut Bat boy out I trimmed off his ears and when I added the wings I altered the position – this way they are more angelic and less…ominous.

You can see the array of goodies and the discarded black wings here.

The background was a multi-step thing.  I painted on a thin layer of glitter glue then let it dry, stamped the snowflakes with Versamark ink and embossed with white, then dusted on Perfect Pearls (I have a pot!  Most of what I have, and use, is Pearl-ex, but I think I got a pot when I bought the Compendium book) and finally spritzed on some turquoise Cosmic Shimmer.  I think I’d omit the PP layer as I’m not sure, in the end, it made much impact.

The quote is from William Cowper, slightly edited, to have the effect I wanted:

O Winter…

I crown thee

king of intimate delights,

fireside enjoyments,

of long uninterrupted evenings

The font is called Doris Day (yes, again – I really like it!) and was printed on white card then cut and the edges daubed with glitter glue.

Added the blingy crown like gem cluster and pop-doted Bat Boy. DONE! This photo is at more of an angle to catch the light:

If we have a long, cold, snowy winter like the last, I can see this for my DH (long suffering, very dear man) – I think it would be perfect with “Stay in with me” as the sentiment inside.

I will probably pre-set a post for tomorrow – and yes, I know that makes TWO Saturdays in a row I will have posted – don’t get used to it, my followers, who I like to think of as The Precious and the Few!  I will be cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, of sorts (I will not even go in to the after-dinner negotiation with DS as to what will be Thanksgiving dinner, what for Christmas Eve, what for Christmas day) but I will post more of the Thanksgiving journal, a downloadable blank recipe card as well as two recipes for Garlic roasted Turkey and Savoury Leg of Lamb.  If any of that appeals to you, drop by.