WOYWW – Thanksgiving journal…still!

My desk is still in a state as I work further on my Thanksgiving mini.  I am trying to document it … well, I’m not really sure why.  It occurred to me that a lot of the stuff is only in my head, not in the recipe file or written down anyplace and it seemed a good time to try to collect all that up, while in the process of actually preparing for and making the feast.

You can see the cover here on the left, and some of the bits and bobs, but I would suggest hopping back a day or even two to see the progress.  And maybe grab the .png of the menu title cards.  No one has thus far said if they work or not, so maybe one of the WOYWW crowd will have time to give them a go! Here’s one but you can grab the whole set in yesterday’s post.

Happy WOYWW all! Pop over to Julia’s to see all the desks. Kudos to those who manage every desk.  I am in awe of you.