Mini in progress and a delivery!

I am working on a little mini, a sort of funny idea, which I will share more fully later.  am sort of photographing it for a YouTube thing, but I wanted to show a couple of the pages, using one of the Tim Holtz paper pads.

and a side-by-side set:

as you can see from the blocks that will be where the photos sit, it isn’t big, 1/2 an A4 sheet, and there is a reason for that, which I will get back to when it’s all done!

But while I was working, I got interrupted by a delivery!

After so long in the UK we have mostly found substitutes for things, or simply conditioned ourselves not to miss them.  But every so often nothing else will do!  I made cornbread last night with semolina and Country Grain bread mix (cause I was out of Masa Harina, and had used the last of the white flour for the stew) and it was fine, but it really gave me a hankering for corn muffins.  Progresso Bread Crumbs already have the italian herbs and garlic mixed in and has rye and corn flour as well as wheat – chicken parmigiano just isn’t the same without them.  And while I could make pumpkin pie filling from actual pumpkins, why would I when Libby’s is 100% pumpkin, cooked to perfection and mashed for me? Ah, bliss! Oh, and don’t tell DS but there just might be a 6-pack of pure indulgence in there too.