New look….again

I have been reading and experimenting with WordPress self-hosting.  Not QUITE there yet, but I did select a new theme (and my DSis was right – pale and peachy was never going to last!) and one where I could set a custom header.  I created the one above out of some digital elements – the newspaper and the hand holding the card are Rhonna Farrar (2Peas kit called Vintage Newspapier) and the binoculars lady is from The Vintage Moth.  I have had that swirl for AGES – it was a freebie that is no longer available that I can find and whoever made it hasn’t left a trail I can follow!

The Fonts are 3theHardWay for the title and Egg Cream for the words on the card.

This is my first ever attempt at something like this so there is nothing fancy like drop shadows or masking. the bits are just layers in Photoshop.  I did have to do QUITE a bit of word on Binocular lady – I had to copy her onto a transparent background then add pt 3 pixel dots to fill in the gaps for the outline.  That way when I used the Magic wand to select the background I could delete it) to let the paper show) but keep her sleeves and hands white.  All very fiddly and probably NOT the way a professional digi person would do it. but it worked.

Now I’ll be particularly interested in finding out if, when I add this post, I need to go back and add in the line breaks manually.  My first theme required me to add a bit of HTML code to force blank lines, which was irritating, as I couldn’t then go back and edit it in the Visual editor or I would have to add the line breaks again because switching between the editors. Visual to HTML or the other way, messes things up (well documented issue with WordPress).  The Koi theme (that didn’t last long LOL!) took a return as an actual line break.  When I hit post and vierw it I will know if I am taking a step backwards….let’s hope not. {PS YAY!  a return = line feed}

I fear it will be confused around here for a bit till I get things the way I want them to be.  Bear with me!