WOYWW 17/11/2011 – Lil’ Grumpies


Another week, another WOYWW.  Very excited that I may get to actually MEET Julia at a crop very soon.  Lucky, lucky ME! Do drop by and see what creativity is blooming on desks (and floors, and kitchen tables, and corners of bedrooms….) across the world

But me?  I am busy trying to sort out some of my site stuff, as well as get the house back to normal after our long visit from the in-laws, and get some Christmas tasks done, and just load and loads of “have to do” stuff when I want to do “WANT to do stuff”

I am loving my Li’l Grumpies from Smeared Ink.  I have been playing with my Copics and experimenting with colouring in and cutting out – those little wispy hairs are tricky.  So much fun.

I am excited that Make the Day Special has more Smeared Ink on the way. I love love love  Nevermore.  I am very keen on at least two of the new releases, one with a fab ink blot and one with great wood grain and tree bark backgrounds.  I love the Grumpies and for a change the word stamps that come with them are handy too – I had picked out “I’m watching you” for the pink girl, “here’s the deal” or “What are you looking at?” for the purple one, and def. “look into my eyes” for the brown one.  I saw a fab card on Deze is ook leuk! and am planing to incorporate these little guys into something like that somehow.  While cleaning I found a card I made that was very similar (probably the “origami” version she refers to in the video, I’m guessing) before we moved over here in 2001 but never sent.  I think I am going to give the one from the video a go and see how they differ.  anyway, I think the Grumpies would be a fun surprise inside when you open the “box!”

Hope you all are having a crafty day – and Happy WOYWW!


33 thoughts on “WOYWW 17/11/2011 – Lil’ Grumpies

  1. Love your images…great colouring. I love my copics too! Sorry I am late. Susan xxox #17

  2. Lovely neat desk and I just love your colouring of the Li’l Grumpies. so far I have only used Promarkers because I have a local suppliers where I can buy them singly and not in packs so building up my stock slowly as required. My experience is that it really depends on the card used when colouring tiny ‘wispy’ areas, I often just dot rather than stroke. Elizabeth #113

  3. Very neat desk! And I think having one of these grumpies inside a box card would be perfect! What a surprise that would be!
    Thanks for the peek!

  4. oh what a wonderful collection of Copics. Just getting started on that collection myself wondering if they are really better than any others or just more popular, any thoughts?

    • I have tried the Promarkers, thinking that the fine line tip would be easier to use, but I don’t think they are — The tip of the brush end is very easy to use to dot on colour in a tiny detail, and I think making the small circular blending motions most “pros” recommend is a lot easier with the brush tip. I can’t really comment of the range of colours, but I can say that you can use both in the same project with little problem 🙂 I have a handful of Promarkers that DS acquired when he was more into Manga drawing and have mix&matched them with my Copics when I had to. Also, they do deals on Promarkers at shows a lot more often, for cheaper prices, than Copics (HC too) so they are def. cheaper. But for me, it’s the brush tip that sways me towards the Copics (and I got a great deal on a 72 pen set on the UKS Marketplace :))

  5. those grumpies are real cute! how nice for you to get to meet Julia!
    happy WOYWW from #20!

  6. Love those little Grumpies, know what you mean about have to do and want to do, I have that problem everyday lol

  7. Ooooh, love your little grumpies. Want them too, sooooo bad! Happy WOYWW #143

  8. What a lovely tidy desk you have but some very interesting looking items on there. Those grumpies look fun as well as those lovely Copics. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)

  9. It is truly difficult to visit everyone’s desk, so if I didn’t get to you last week, here I am now! 🙂 Those little grumpies sure look grumpy! Thanks for sharing your desk. Happy WOYWW!

  10. Ooooh so cute – I’m sure one of those Lil’ Grumpies looks like my hubby 🙂

    Have a fab week…A.xx(2)

  11. Very cute owls and not a christmas card in sight! yay!

  12. Fab ickle monsters and I love all those pens.
    Cathy xx

  13. cute set of critters!

    be blessed
    from Angela #83

  14. I love those Li’l Grumpies they are so much fun – I hate it when things ‘have’ to be done and crafting waits lol

  15. hahahah love grumpiness – such an antidote to too much cute ness


  16. Cute Grumpies – what do you call a whole bunch of them? A Grumble of Grumpies?

  17. oh just loving those grumpies,how cool are those guys,loving the neat and tidy desk,too ,hugs cheryl 62 xxx

  18. Love the look of those little critters 🙂
    A x

  19. What gorgeous images!

  20. me too…comment button… but I can never find anything!! love hose little blobby monsters!! Have a Great WOYWW!

  21. Super owls
    Great work space

    Happy WOYWW
    mandi x

  22. what absolutely adorable stamps!

  23. Wow just love those Grumpies and the sentiments are so cute too!Have fun,and enjoy your wednesday
    hugs judex #41

  24. I just love those grumpies.

  25. love those stamps Mary Anne and enjoy your copics too! they are fab!

    Happy Day
    Lisa x

  26. Morning great tidy desk I do love your little stamp the images look fab! Jo x (35)

  27. Hi ya
    lovely tidy desk, fab fun images, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(29)

  28. your colouring is fab. might try non person images…my latest attempt at fairies have a somewhat anemic/jaundiced look about them. You cant go wrong when skin(fur)tone is purple huh! lovin the grumpies. caroline #13

  29. The colors of your blog, the desk, the copics, the grumpies…it all just makes me smile!

    AmberInk is #3 on WOYWW this week!

  30. Loving those Grumpies, they are so cute but not in a sweet way, if you know what I mean LOL

  31. Took me a while to find your comments button, but here I am!
    Cute little critters aren’t they and fab colouring too!

  32. ooh very neat and tidy! Thanks for showing
    Happy Woywwing!

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