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Halloween is over??

Yes, I know it is.  One problem with holiday related crafting is that once the holiday has gone by it is hard to work up the enthusiasm for finishing.  I statred by little Halloween house of cards in what I THOUGHT would be enough time, and, well, it wasn’t.  So while I am quite busy with work-related stuff, and am still recovering from guests at home, I did manage to sneak off to a crop on Saturday where I got most of the rest of this finished, sticking on the last bits today.  Now I ma dashing off to DDs Parent’s Evening (late afternoon, actually) but wanted to whack up a photo so as not to miss a day posting.

I will have to get a better shor earlier in the day if I can, standing up rather than laying on it’s back!

Now I have to wait a whole year to bring it out again.  Digi stamps from The Octopode Factory.  Still loving them! And you can see I went with the black skull but added the googly eyes to make him match the little trick-or-treaters.  Oops.  Must dash…..