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Sunday-someplace-else (The Vintage Moth)

This is another of the free vintage image places I like to drop in on regularly. The Vintage Moth has loads of fab images, projects, and PNG files for your art.

Shame I didn’t see this around Halloween! wouldn’t it make a great stamp?

These sweet little vintage gift tags are sure to get used this holiday season:

and there is a lovely free pattern for making fabric eggs that may come in handy in the spring:

Do have a look.

And a follow up to the recent post about the Stampotique-big-head-transplant.  I am beginning to doubt my memory.  I went back to the site and browsed all the old entries since I began taking part in the challenges.  I can find no evidence of a big-head-on-a-little body and can’t imagine where eles I might have seen it.  I did find an entry by Kaz, who transplanted Prom Queen’s  head on Moth Fab’s body, and it does look familiar so that might have been what inspired me to put Miss Snottie’s head on another body. An open call to anyone who has seen such a thing before – post a comment, please!  I hate thinking I didn’t credit some clever person with the idea when I love how it looks.

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Hope I didn’t give you a shock

Yes, it’s still me, just a new theme. I’ve been thinking of changing to something a bit lighter and brighter now the days are often dark and dreary. I have also been investigating custom themes and headers, so be prepared. Things may suddenly appear, change, revert, or disappear at a moments notice. DH will be pleased – if I can satisfy my craving to “redecorate” simply by pressing a few buttons rather than shifting furniture or buying houseware goodies he will see this as a good thing!

Back later with my traditional SSE