Doll (finally) done!

If you found your way here from WOYWW, this is what you will be here to see:

The lovely Jasmine, in her leopard-spot jammies, sitting pretty in the chair, awaiting DDs return home from school.  Here is a close-up of her face:

and a look at the character she is meant to be based on:

She is the 2nd doll named Jasmine, although I am hoping for some success in convincing DD to change the original Jasmine’s name to something else, as she is an M&S big rag doll and a name like, oh, Emily, fits her MUCH better.

On the home front, DH is in the car, heading towards Heathrow with the in-laws.  A bit of a giggle, but when we were discussing travel arrangements, and I asked DH if he would drop them off or put them in a cab, as there was some question as to whether he would have to go in to London today.  FIL quipped “Best drop us off – you don’t want to leave anything to chance…”  Overall it has been a good trip – we always enjoy seeing them and it happens far too infrequently.  I am 100% sure Jasmine would have been still sitting naked with paddle hands rather than fingers and those diva-ish jammies had MIL not been around to help out!

I now have three weeks work of crafting projects to catch up on, a crop this week and perhaps one in a couple of weeks, a mountain of laundry to do and not a sunny day in sight, and a nearly full hard disk of backlogged TV to catch up on (I must have two full weeks of Eastenders waiting.)  Oh woe is me.  I should just admit nothing will be “back to normal” (whatever THAT is) till mid-January and give in…..