SDC18 – Spooky, Creepy


Oh I do hate it when I can’t get right on the SDC challenge, especially as MIL brought my early Christmas gift of a load of new images.  So a trade off – in-laws here so less time to craft on the one hand (although that is more to do with MIL and her helping make the doll-from-hell for DD then because they are any sort of burden) but new rubber on the other hand.

And the thing I wanted to do required a special bit of something that needed finding:

You would be forgiven for having no idea what this is, or for knowing where I am heading with it!  What it is is mylar strapping.  I think it is used for making “strapless” items so that they stay up.  But that isn’t what I used it for, of course – my strapless days are long past!  Another clue?

and another?

Now you see, don’t you?

It’s a box, full of …

a Stampotique Jacob’s ladder!  That movie scared the bejesus out of me when it came out so def. qualifies as “spooky, creepy” in my mind.

The problem with a Jacob’s Ladder is the strapping covers the images.  With clear strapping, problem solved.  I did TRY to photograph the step-by-step but honestly it was just too hard to see what was going on due to the “invisible” strapping.  There are How-To posts out there for making a Jacob’s Ladder,  so I am not sure if it is worth me making another one using colour coded ribbon.  It may happen, and if it does, I’ll post it then.

10 thoughts on “SDC18 – Spooky, Creepy

  1. You won! congrats!

  2. Awesome!!

  3. This display is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you SO much for being such a great source of inspiration and thank you for joining in the challenge.

  4. Sooo cool! Love all of the images. Now I’m off to find a video on how to make one. xxD

  5. Amazing creation, love all the different images on it. Great job and thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer’s Challenge.

  6. GIRL! Your awesomeness is AMAZING!!!! Thanks for sharing! and you know….here it comes….what company’s stamp did you use for the flourish on the front of the box with the pumpkin and the “Boo”? Your eye is amazing for what goes together! I mean it is an awesome flourish….but it is not so pretty that it doesn’t go with the creepy!!! How do you do that?!!! Great idea using the strapping! Blessings~

    • Hoping I can be forgiven as it WAS Stampotique only this week, but they don’t do flourishes that I’ve seen 🙂 pretty sure that one was from one of the big Fancy Pants 12×12 sets but as my stamps are all now out of the packaging it’s kinda hard to tell!

  7. WOW what a brilliant idea! I love this, it is so inventive and original.

  8. What a stunning project!

  9. Wow …. your Jacob’s Ladder is absolutely stunning!! Thanks for joining us at SDC # 18.

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