SDC18 – Spooky, Creepy

Oh I do hate it when I can’t get right on the SDC challenge, especially as MIL brought my early Christmas gift of a load of new images.  So a trade off – in-laws here so less time to craft on the one hand (although that is more to do with MIL and her helping make the doll-from-hell for DD then because they are any sort of burden) but new rubber on the other hand.

And the thing I wanted to do required a special bit of something that needed finding:

You would be forgiven for having no idea what this is, or for knowing where I am heading with it!  What it is is mylar strapping.  I think it is used for making “strapless” items so that they stay up.  But that isn’t what I used it for, of course – my strapless days are long past!  Another clue?

and another?

Now you see, don’t you?

It’s a box, full of …

a Stampotique Jacob’s ladder!  That movie scared the bejesus out of me when it came out so def. qualifies as “spooky, creepy” in my mind.

The problem with a Jacob’s Ladder is the strapping covers the images.  With clear strapping, problem solved.  I did TRY to photograph the step-by-step but honestly it was just too hard to see what was going on due to the “invisible” strapping.  There are How-To posts out there for making a Jacob’s Ladder,  so I am not sure if it is worth me making another one using colour coded ribbon.  It may happen, and if it does, I’ll post it then.