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Doll Parts

Progress is being made, slowly, slowly. Weds. was a shopping day but only in the AM, not enough time to get to the fabric store for the thread, the cotton batting and some strapping that I needed for the other project on my desk. Yesterday, all day, was hunting for a couple of things MIL wanted to find while here, and picking up the odd Christmas gift or five. TODAY, I’ve been making curry – somehow, toasting and grinding up spices at 8 AM is not how I like to start my day, but it does need doing. Once all the mess from that is sorted and MIL gets done processing her email, and we get a couple of loads of laundry on, then it doll, doll, doll all day.

Here is where we are now:

That’s her, all stretched out on the kitchen table so you can see she is quite tall.  She still needs all of the needle sculpting and face padding/sculpting and then the skin-cloth (which is basically a whole other doll albeit in fewer pieces) then the face painting and the hair making, and then she is going to need a bra …. if you did look at the original pattern you will see she should have a little cotton nubbins for nipples, which I think I will omit (DD already gasps and hides the boobs from DH, DS  and FIL so while she wanted the doll “like a real girl” I suspect she really wasn’t ready for what that meant!) but I figure we have a few more days work on her before we are even close to being done.

I cannot help but sing along in my head every time I pass her “doll parts” strewn across the kitchen.