WOYWW 3 Nov. 2010 – doll, stamps and a mess


Hope you are all having a happy and productive WOYWW – I have been so busy trying to work on the doll for DD with my MIL that I had to shelve the skull project. I know it will require some concentrated time to assemble and all I have time for at the moment is short bursts, so I am working on another little thing and will get back to te card house next week when the in-laws are gone. I had hoped to crop this weekend but alas it is not to be so.

The designer says the following on her site, regarding the doll:

“If you are a beginner, don’t try this.
Only people who have spirit of endeavor and improvement can make her.”

I’m not sure about the “spirit of endeavor and improvement” but progress has been made.

As to the other little project? Stampotique, of course:

Sorry it’s all a bit dark but it’s that time of year.

36 thoughts on “WOYWW 3 Nov. 2010 – doll, stamps and a mess

  1. wow mary anne…i love what you’ve done with the doll…can you make me a pair like that for sunday best do you think??? ;0)

  2. wow – thta’s a project – looks brilliant fun and a challenge – you go for it! Yes – in-laws make it hard to disappear for a crafty session…. hope you get time soon
    sasa 25

  3. Wow…Can’t wait to see that doll finished, It’s looking good so far.


  4. WOW MA.. that doll looks like a heap of work! I would have read the description and avoided it like the plague so kudos to you for giving it a go! Annette #5

  5. Wow. She’s coming along perfectly if you ask me. Am terrified to meet some of your commenters who say the boobs are realistic…’s probably 30 years since I was that, erm…pert!
    Sorry about the crop – I was raring to go too, we’ll see if we can’t reconvene, I seem to have a shed load to get done!

  6. Your doll is going to be quite large. I don’t see her head anywhere. Cool Halloween stamps, and I love all your markers. Happy late WOYWW.

  7. Great doll you are creating there. Wish you could make my figure look like that LOL. Would love to see the finished project. Maybe we should get together and sing and craft bet both families would run away from home. Ha Ha

  8. ohooooo for a moment, I thought, agh! Naked body…so glad it wasn’t,fab crafty makes, Happy Woyww!

  9. I wouldn’t mind a figure like that LOL If there is space on your desk it is not technically messy!!!

  10. and here’s a question for you…

    If you had to pick your 3 favorite Stampotique stamps which would they be?

  11. No way I would try that doll. I’m sure yours will be amazing though.
    Drooling over all those copics and Stampotique stamps. Love what you do!

  12. doll looks fab… can’t wait to see finished product!! Robin

  13. Cool doll that you are making! I will have to check back to see where she goes from here!
    Happy WOYWW!

  14. The doll is looking amazing!
    There’d be no point in me trying to make anything like that because I’m sewing machine challenged……I can’t sew a straight line to save me life, but it looks like you’re got to grips with the directions.


  15. those stamps loook awesome and i loe the stray nose template sitting on the tree stamp!!! hope it doesnt get lost!!! lo!! hugs Lou xx

  16. Wow the doll parts look very interesting – excited to see the finished product!
    Have a good day 🙂
    Rach xx

  17. I am looking forward to seing the doll when she is finished…don’t take too long.
    Sue xx 73

  18. Love your doll, can’t wait to see the finished item! I’m so jealous of all your Stampotique goodies, love what you’ve done with them 😀 (69)

  19. The doll – amazing.. CANNOT wait to see her finished, that is going to be stunning I know it. Loving all your Stampotique… the tree is fab isn’t it/ have a goodly day x

  20. I can see why it’s not for beginners! Know what you mean about the time of year though! Pam (23)

  21. You totally have a spirit of endeavour, why else would you be making the doll or keeping a blog? Thanks for sharing.

    have fun!
    rachel #34

  22. Loving the big boobs & tiny waist look! It looks like it’s going to be brilliant once finished


  23. think you deffo have spirit and endeavour! Great post thanks for sharing your workspace

  24. I think that doll will be lovely – just stick to it! Like your stampotique project – I haven’t made one in ages – must get my stamps out!

  25. nothin ventured, nothing gained,

    what doesn’t kill you makes you poorly and all that

    It’s looking good to me…

    dx 46

  26. I’m seriously impressed with the doll making. Please show and tell more pics as she develops.
    A x

  27. Cool – I love Stampotique but can’t quite justify the price of their stamps, it always makes me suck my breath in and think of full sheets!!! ROFL. I look forward to seeing how the finished doll looks!

  28. Fab doll, lovely shapes… and love your stamps and your selection of copics! Jo x

  29. Great ‘body’ yiu have created
    Was the boob job extra? hehe
    Have a FAB WOYWW
    mandi xx

  30. the stampotique project looks more fun, dont think i would have the patience for all that stitching. It is looking very good though. caroline #16

  31. Oh, you’ve got that Stampotique skull block – I really wanted that (maybe now Halloween is done, it will come back in stock, lol) Your desk looks great today, and good luck with your “body”!!

  32. The doll is forming nicely! It would be way too ambitious for me, can’t wait to see the end result 🙂 Christine #7

  33. Hi ya
    ya doll is looking great, fab set of boobs, luv the stamped images on your desk, great tree stamp,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  34. oh doll looks great,love the stamps you have on your desk too hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  35. That torso is very shapely.. keep up the endeavour!

  36. That doll is amazing. I think you are doing it great. Love the “boobs.” Very realistic. As for the mess on your desk, I can still see room and that’s what Julia would say makes it a very clean desk! Don’t forget to show the skull when you pick it up, again. Happy WOYWW from #1.

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