WOYWW 3 Nov. 2010 – doll, stamps and a mess

Hope you are all having a happy and productive WOYWW – I have been so busy trying to work on the doll for DD with my MIL that I had to shelve the skull project. I know it will require some concentrated time to assemble and all I have time for at the moment is short bursts, so I am working on another little thing and will get back to te card house next week when the in-laws are gone. I had hoped to crop this weekend but alas it is not to be so.

The designer says the following on her site, regarding the doll:

“If you are a beginner, don’t try this.
Only people who have spirit of endeavor and improvement can make her.”

I’m not sure about the “spirit of endeavor and improvement” but progress has been made.

As to the other little project? Stampotique, of course:

Sorry it’s all a bit dark but it’s that time of year.