Napkin Craft

DH went to Tokyo recently and as always was on the lookout for something papercraft for me.  I have a good stash of origami papers and fabric from past trips so this time he got something a bit more unusual.  I am struggling to think of something fun to do with them:

Paper napkins!  I have never done anything with napkins, although there was that great YouTube video for ironing them to cardstock with cling-film to then use for cardmaking.

I am trying to come up with something interesting, but at the moment my head is way too filled with dollmaking bits. I did see another video for putting them on canvases with Mod Podge, I think, and I happen to have three, so maybe that is a good fit. I love the sushi one – maybe kitchen art?

Any ideas for me? Leave them in comments, and links are hugely welcome if you have one, to your blog or another you found in your travels.