Bad school photos? There is hope – and help!


My kids have rarely taken a great school photo.  There have only been one or two over the years that I would say were ones I would want multiple copies of.  DD is particularly bad – she is usually gor a fake grin plastered on her face, her eyes are drifting off to look anywhere but the lens,  she sticks out her tongue  A LOT and her glasses tend to slip down her nose and the top of the frame crosses her eyes.

This year, she had three possible shots – none were great, but there were elements of all three that might add up to a decent photo.  We got all of them as digital images, and as luck would have it my ever-so-clever FIL was here when they arrived.  FIL had showed me a very very brief demo of something he learned in Photoshop (he has something like CS5 while I still reside in the land of PS7) using the AUTO ALIGN function that is designed to make one good photo from a series of group photos where not everyone looks good in any one single shot.  It involves, from what I can understand, layering the images over one another and erasing bits to let other bits show thru.  He used it to mix and match various bits of the three not-great photos to create a single pretty good photo.

He took these:

(looking off to the side, hunched shoulders but good eyes, good smile but glasses in the way)

and created this:

I think that is pretty amazing.  I will have to ask him if there is a link to a tutorial that I can share, because all I really know is what I’ve said here.  It feels more “real” than just Photoshopping with any other technique, I guess because you really aren’t altering the person at all, just mixing and matching the best bits from any group of photos.

Isn’t she sweet?  14 this week…. how did that happen??

2 thoughts on “Bad school photos? There is hope – and help!

  1. We have exactly the same problem with our 14 year old son. His glasses have caused comments from most photographers from being a toddler. I think they must hate it when a kid with glasses sits in front of them. His high school ones have been terrible. At least the primary school photograph company used to make an effort to correct the problem.

    Saying that though my 6 year old also wears glasses and has had some fantastic school pics. They use tempest and they have posing the kids differently the last couple of years. I have a canvas on my wall of the youngest two in school uniform but laid on their stomachs resting on their elbows. So much nicer than the usual school shots.

  2. Awww.WHAT a sweetie! I thought all kids took bad school photos!!!!! She is a sweetheart and so cute!
    Here in the USA they have started advertizing for the same feature you FIL just accomplished. The ad is about family photo sessions where it is so hard to et everyone looking a the same way, not blinking etc. Glad to hear it actually works! Cause this picture is just precious!
    HB to your DD!

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