WOYWW – 27/10

Ok, so I am hugely limited in what I can do on an iPad, in the middle of Wales, on a MiFi connection! Can’t comment on 4 out of 5 Ive tried, so it’ll have to wait a day or two. On to my WoyWW…

It’s another one of those “I’m not about” WOYWW Wednesday so it looks a lot like LAST Wednesday except an opinion is sought. The sort of glimpse of the project not-anywhere-near-done, with both the altered skull seen last week and the black and white ne as it comes out of the packaging, will help YOU help ME – which looks better?
The old-bone coloured altered one?

OR the black & white one straight from the packaging?

I know my life has been hectic over the last month, and my hit rate on WOYWW comments stinks at the moment, but if you see this, please make your choice known. I honestly cannot decide one way or the other.