Tuesday-someplace-else (doll making)

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DD has wanted a “real doll” for a while now, one that is big, with “real” hands (ie defined fingers rather than mitten-like pseudo-hands) and a real girl shape.

This is what lies beneath (my desk):

with an idea towards becoming this:

Today’s someplace-else is the doll-making site that I love best.  Runo Dollmaker has great patterns, great tips of making anime dolls and indeed cloth dolls of all kinds, and I really, really love her site.  Check it out.

One thought on “Tuesday-someplace-else (doll making)

  1. What a lovely idea. She looks fantastic and I’m sure if your version is anything like the other ones you have made then your daughter will be over the moon. I really must have a look at the site you mentioned.

    I’ve just discovered Tilda by Tone Finninger. Looking forward to putting one together soon.

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