Digital stamps

I have to admit I am loving, but struggling with, digital stamps.  I love that you can resize them, love that you can get a perfect image every time, but hate that (at least with my printer) you can’t emboss them and that the ink from the printer will bleed sometimes.  I’m sure that my printer is the issue, but am not in a position to change it at the moment.  Oh well.

I am also struggling with cardstock – I read a lot online about the best cardstock to use for Copic colouring, but I don’t think the card I tend to see praised is easily available here off the shelf.  I got some someplace, store brand, maybe from Staples, that was great – no bleeding, thick enough but not too thick – and some that was on sale from WH Smith that is hopeless.  It seems the GSM is NOT the key.  Higher GSM does not mean better for stamping and colouring.  I saw some special Manga pads at Hobby Craft that they say are specifically for alcohol-ink based markers but it was something like £7 for a pretty small pad.  Ugh.

So as I am finding more and more digital images I love, I clearly have to devote some time to this, but not till after the in-laws leave, after the school holidays, and after DDs 14th birthday and the last LAST LAST EVER doll.  Ha ha, I scoff.  How many times have I said that in the last year??

This is an image that is on my list to acquire:

Love the girly one as well – you can get them both here: