WOYWW 10/20/2010 – Halloween


Another huge mess, and another House of Cards, this one with a Halloween theme! Yep – it’s WOYWW time again!

I love the Karnival specialty deck, with its skeletons in top hats!  The skull is a £-shop special, painted, although I may opt for the other one, which is more black than bleached bone, as it goes better with the cards, or I may highlight the one here with a bit more white.  I’ll decide when I am putting it all together.

If you saw my Sunday-someplace-else you will recognize the Octopde Factory digital stamps – I just love those guys!

Finally got to the new Hobby Craft in Basingstoke – so glad not to have to trek to Reading every time I need the odd bit.  I found some great big wooden beads to use as the feet on this house for 55p (for 6 of them) I know HC is often thought of as being quite expensive, but just having one close by for a quick stop when you need something in a hurry s a boon.  Looked at Promarkers (they don’t do Copics, mores the pity) and thought £10 for a pack was more than I have seen them for before (I’m sure I got a pack at some pont for under £6 for 6 of them!) and MS punches for £23 is def. more than I saw them for at the stamp show I went to a couple of months back, but still, proximity does goe some way towards mitigating the bigger sticker price, when you just can’t stand to wait for an internet order to come.

38 thoughts on “WOYWW 10/20/2010 – Halloween

  1. Oh love your halloween images very cool – loved popping by, thanks for sharing – Alex (133) x

  2. Great images there, but that skull looks a bit scary!
    Chrissie #27

  3. Love that Mummy.
    Happy WOYWW
    Carol (65)

  4. This looks like great fun – hope to see how it evolves – loads of colour!
    sasa 19

  5. I love the skull – where did you get him from??? I know what you mean about HC, they are handy and I miss not being very near to one any more!

  6. hi what a fab lot of images you have their, sooooo cute.
    hugs sandra 69

  7. Now that is one spooky and crafty workdesk! We have no patience for internet orders either, so we’re totally with ya! AmberInk@#1 this week – how scary is that?

  8. gosh – some really scary things on here… i’m well spooked!!!

    Dilema with the HB purchase – but i’ve seen MS punches for as little as £13 on the old ‘tinternet’ – and i would definately rather wait than pay £10 difference – obviously price depends on what you are buying, but i’d rather sniff out a bargain so hardly ever buy from the same place twice unless I know they are the best value for money – and tend to look for free P&P too…

    I’m a canny craft buyer!!!

    Paula x x x (97)

  9. Great spooky workspace, love it 🙂 Christine #14

  10. Am loving those cards – more brill ideas MA! Couldn’t agree more about Hobbycraft, didn’t know Basingstoke was getting one, great news – that and a Staples! If you make it this way for a crop you probably would like to take 5 more minutes n the car and visit my LSS – literally 5 mins from my door – where I WOYWW’d from this week in Tidworth. I know how lucky I am, really

  11. Love that skeleton on your desk and some fantastic pieces of art too. Loved my snoop. Tracy Evans (22)

  12. Oooh fabby skull… will be back to see what you do with him and another house of cards which looks suitably spooksville too!

  13. Oooh fabulous cards you are making there. I too have a Hobbycraft nearby (can actually walk to it!) and it is really handy for those urgent must have items! thanks for sharing (no. 46)

  14. hmmm – have you tried charity shops? they do whole bead necklaces/bracelets for as little as a pound and you get 10 – 20 big beads for that…and you can paint them/alcohol ink them to the right colour….I love the bits you are working on….fab desk

    Dx (104)

  15. Your desk is very scary …………. I’m a newbie to the WOYWW so please be gentle with me!! Best wishes, Kym (No 42)

  16. Sometimes you have to think that buying local has the benefit of no postage costs or travelling costs.
    Have a great Wednesday
    Sue xx 72

  17. Lovely spooky desk! That skeleton reminds me on the James Bond film (Live and Let Die I think!), with the guy in a skeleton mask and top hat!!


  18. Very freaky and scary but it all looks fun to play with.
    Shirley #95

  19. WOH scary desk!!!!!!

    xx #99

  20. I love that plastic skull, curious to see what you’re going to do with it.

  21. Lovely scary desk, don’t know about the skull though, a bit too frightful for me. My Niece was born on Halloween, but we don’t really celebrate, just get the choccies for the children who come knocking for trick or treats. Have a good day. Love and Hugs JO. *96

  22. Mmmm – scary desk but I ‘m sure its not always like that. Not into Halloween myself but sure see a lot of it about these days. Interesting stuff though.
    x Tricia (79)

  23. Loving all the Halloween goodies, can’t wait to see what you do with the skull 😀 Jules (63)

  24. So lovely and spooky! 🙂 Pop over to my blog for my first blog candy and a chance to win lovely goodies. 🙂

    Maggie x

  25. Ooooooo scary desk today!!!!

  26. Scary desk… Eeek! Have a happy WOYWW and thanks for the snoop!
    JoZarty x

  27. I love those digi images! Perfect for cards too. I am going to find them to make cards for the kids.

  28. LOVE that skull… and LOVE that MUMMY!!! how cool… spooktastic! Hels (40)

  29. Those cards look ace (oops! sorry!) Have “fun” with the skeleton head.

  30. Seriously fab desk!

  31. Thats a seriously scary desk you have today 🙂
    A x

  32. Hi ya
    wow lots going on lovely creative desk, spooky skull,, have good day, happy WOYWW, sue, x (13)

  33. oh just love your hallowean,image,s they are all so great love taht skeleton love hugs
    cheryl x(25)

  34. FAB projects
    I love Halloweeen as its my wedding anniversary!

    Have a rgeat WOYWW
    mandi xx

  35. Loving the Halloween items

    Enjoy your day & thanks for sharing

    Candace #15

  36. That wrapped mummy is funny, and the skeleton head is pretty awesome. Happy WOYWW (no. 12).

  37. your desk is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I’d love to see what you do with the skeleton. Will you give it a top hat?

    Terry #4

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