WOYWW 10/20/2010 – Halloween

Another huge mess, and another House of Cards, this one with a Halloween theme! Yep – it’s WOYWW time again!

I love the Karnival specialty deck, with its skeletons in top hats!  The skull is a £-shop special, painted, although I may opt for the other one, which is more black than bleached bone, as it goes better with the cards, or I may highlight the one here with a bit more white.  I’ll decide when I am putting it all together.

If you saw my Sunday-someplace-else you will recognize the Octopde Factory digital stamps – I just love those guys!

Finally got to the new Hobby Craft in Basingstoke – so glad not to have to trek to Reading every time I need the odd bit.  I found some great big wooden beads to use as the feet on this house for 55p (for 6 of them) I know HC is often thought of as being quite expensive, but just having one close by for a quick stop when you need something in a hurry s a boon.  Looked at Promarkers (they don’t do Copics, mores the pity) and thought £10 for a pack was more than I have seen them for before (I’m sure I got a pack at some pont for under £6 for 6 of them!) and MS punches for £23 is def. more than I saw them for at the stamp show I went to a couple of months back, but still, proximity does goe some way towards mitigating the bigger sticker price, when you just can’t stand to wait for an internet order to come.