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I really should be cleaning….

The in-laws arrive for 3 weeks on Saturday and while the house is in fairly decent shape after the blitz necessitated by the BBC filming, there are still a few nooks and crannies (and closets and cabinets!) that need attention.  Who knows what my blogging will be like over the next month?  But I have one last layout that I finished after the crop and wanted to at least share that.

I love this paper and the bright colours.  Still exploring the over-stuffed look, and using up bits and bobs that have been hoarded for too long:

Humm.  not the sharpest of photos, but it’s been so dark here and the low-energy bulbs just don’t work.  But I think you can get enough of a sense of it I may re-photograph it but at the moment I am also trying to locate and scan photos of DD pre-digital for the CIN spot so it’ll have to wait.