Copic colouring frustration

I don’t normally post on a Saturday (too busy with family life – this AM we saw Despicable Me in 3D – fab, highly recommend it!)  but I spent yesterday doing some Copic colouring.  Not entirely pleased with the result.  Typical, the Copic class I had hoped to take was on the day DH was needed at the Tate with his iPad app and the next one isn’t for AGES.  anyway I found a great image online and decided to colour it and try to turn it into … well, not sure what.  Maybe a card, maybe something else.  I also wanted to mix in some stamps.  So the colouring went fine, the masking less well as I had a bit of a halo.  It was smudging on the Distress ink when it all went awry!  The cardstock wasn’t the best, although 220 gsm so not super thin, but the Distress ink (or my too vigorous rubbing) tore the card a bit.  And the darker shadow I tried the put around the figure wasn’t great either.  So now I am left with do I start again and treat it all as a learning experience or try to salvage it somehow?

I’m also less than happy with the printer ink, which has a tendency to bleed a sort of reddish colour, and the printed lines aren’t great at containing the Copic ink, running sometimes.

The thought of colouring him again isn’t hugely appealing, as it was a bit time consuming, and at the very least I think I would need to get some better cardstock first (luckily the new Hobby Craft opens near me this weekend!)

Here you can better see the rubbish shadowing and the a-little-TOO-distressed area:

Overall, I do love the image and 90% of the colouring.  I think the white part, with just a smidge of cool gray looks quite good, and I like the mix of browns and warm grays in his hair.  I may just set him aside fr a bit and see what I think in a week or so.

DD is quite the fan of Studio Ghibli at the moment so now off for another media hit in the form of My Neighbor Toturo.  I hope she’ll forgive me if I fall asleep during it LOL!