a Cute Card


OK, so after my post yesterday my sister sent me a message:

Where are the hearts?  The uplifting messages of love and joy?  Couldn’t
you get some “pretty” stamps this time instead of more creepy, gothic ones?

I decided your followers might not understand if I posted that and think I was stifling your creativity so I’m sending my comment personally instead.  But really…I have a challenge for you, and I KNOW you can’t resist a challenge…it is to make a mushy, lovey-dovey, SWEETLY SENTIMENTAL card where the STAMPS actually match the sentiment.  So, that means NO gothic Stampotique set on a sweet card.  See what you can do with THAT challenge – ha, ha, ha!

OMG!  What is she doing to me?  SO unfair. But I had to clarify.

Basically, this is OK

but this is not

and I can’t do a cute image then make it creepy by skewering it

Humm.  So I had a look and I really, truly, have almost nothing in my stamp collection that I would call “cute” – even that little girl was a gift, a stamped image included when I bought my copics.   So I went looking online and found a cute image to use.  I coloured it and put it on a card.

I thought the teddy bear was going a little over the top, perhaps inducing just a little bit of gagging in all but the true cute-afficionados, but there was no way to delete it (or, for example, replace it with Nosferatu or a skeleton bear, which would have violated the rules of engagement)

What the heck am I going to do with it, I wonder? My dad just had a hip replacement, so maybe I should have DD sign it and send it to him as a Get Well Card.

Oh, and I must link to the woman on YouTube who did the tutorial on the dotty background.  I thought it was very cute.  Watch hers – it’s miles better than my own and if you like cute, this is def. something you will want to have a play with.

Ah – I can see you have spotted something interesting hiding behind the card….Well, it would be wrong NOT to share…

Now THAT’s more like it! <tee hee>

10 thoughts on “a Cute Card

  1. LOL!! Hysterical!! I have a very good friend who LOVES goth-steampunk-zombie stamps, and she would definitely get your sense of humor on the subject!! As much as I adore my Maggies (and truly, they are my passion!!), that skewer was awesome. I think my husband feels the same way about them. But they remind me soooo much of my youngest daughter, and they make me smile.

    Isn’t it wonderful that there is something out there for everyone to enjoy?? Now…I’m off to make some wonderful (gag worthy!) creations……LOL!

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  4. Followed your link on UKS from Wot, No Mouths thread – fabulous skewered card – love it!!!
    You obviously have a wicked sense of humor! 🙂

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  6. I laughed so hard at this post that i spilled my tea on my trousers. I was still snickering as I climbed 2 flights of stairs for a pair of clean ones. Your scrapping style is so different from your card making, I just love to see what you come up with next. caroline

  7. Bwahahahaha…I love the skewer MA…such an imagination you have. *Ü* That is a cute card but it doesn’t come across to me as your style! LOL.
    Thanks for the info about the YES store. I am having trouble finding it online as it keeps taking me to The Yes…who, I have to admit, I rather like their music and was a fan in the 70s. Ü Any links would be appreciated. TFS. ~Glen~

  8. LOO….again! thanks

  9. Forgot to mention…the dotty background is really cool!

  10. Wow!! You have outdone yourself here! The “cute” meter would go through the roof! I knew you couldn’t resist a challenge, and I also should have guessed you couldn’t resist sneaking a little creepy in at the end. Well done! You are a worthy adversary!

    It would indeed make a great card for Dad…you should send it!
    Love ya!

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