a Cute Card

OK, so after my post yesterday my sister sent me a message:

Where are the hearts?  The uplifting messages of love and joy?  Couldn’t
you get some “pretty” stamps this time instead of more creepy, gothic ones?

I decided your followers might not understand if I posted that and think I was stifling your creativity so I’m sending my comment personally instead.  But really…I have a challenge for you, and I KNOW you can’t resist a challenge…it is to make a mushy, lovey-dovey, SWEETLY SENTIMENTAL card where the STAMPS actually match the sentiment.  So, that means NO gothic Stampotique set on a sweet card.  See what you can do with THAT challenge – ha, ha, ha!

OMG!  What is she doing to me?  SO unfair. But I had to clarify.

Basically, this is OK

but this is not

and I can’t do a cute image then make it creepy by skewering it

Humm.  So I had a look and I really, truly, have almost nothing in my stamp collection that I would call “cute” – even that little girl was a gift, a stamped image included when I bought my copics.   So I went looking online and found a cute image to use.  I coloured it and put it on a card.

I thought the teddy bear was going a little over the top, perhaps inducing just a little bit of gagging in all but the true cute-afficionados, but there was no way to delete it (or, for example, replace it with Nosferatu or a skeleton bear, which would have violated the rules of engagement)

What the heck am I going to do with it, I wonder? My dad just had a hip replacement, so maybe I should have DD sign it and send it to him as a Get Well Card.

Oh, and I must link to the woman on YouTube who did the tutorial on the dotty background.  I thought it was very cute.  Watch hers – it’s miles better than my own and if you like cute, this is def. something you will want to have a play with.

Ah – I can see you have spotted something interesting hiding behind the card….Well, it would be wrong NOT to share…

Now THAT’s more like it! <tee hee>