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Layout – and a musing

I went to my local monthly crop on Saturday.  This time, instead of taking some altered project or another I actually pre-planned 3 layouts.  I completed one at the crop, made progress on the other two, and have nearly finished one of those at home today.  It’s funny – over the last year or so the kids have been very resistant to having photos taken.  We have also been quite busy as a family so days out have been few and far between.  In some ways, it explains my shift in focus towards stamping and more “arty” things, but every time I drag out photos and make myself scrap traditionally, I really enjoy the process, making me wonder why I don’t do it more!  The sense of accomplishment I feel when I complete a layout is always much more than when I finish some other project, no matter how much I may like that project.  I guess I feel that scrapping is somehow more important, will mean more in the long run, than the best art project that I make.

Here is the one I did at the crop – while it might be tempting to claim I just threw it together, in reality it took most of the day.  But I do love it.

It also seems to confirm a shift in my style – once I hoarded stuff I loved, looking for ways to make it last, not wanting to use too much of my best supplies on a single layout, feeling proud of making one that used minimal supplies.  NOW, I go for the more overloaded look, layering supply after supply, cutting bits from big sheets of pap using one item from a sticker sheet if it fits, and not worrying that I won’t have “that bit” available for a later layout using tat paper line or collection.  It feels right, this focus on making the best layout I can without compromise.  I am doing more fiddly things too, like stamping the little acorn on multiple sheets and paper piecing it.  I am also using pop dots like they are going out of style, bringing much more dimension to my pages.

It makes me wonder how many scrappers have also shifted away from pure scrapping.  Now, at a point in my crafty life when I have more stuff than any one person SHOULD have (which you know if you saw my WOYWW last week!) the shift in style makes sense, where a shift away from scrapping as intensely does not.  So I will plan on using my monthly crop for SCRAPPING first and other stuff second.  At least that way I know I will get some pages done on a regular basis!  And with the in-laws arriving for quite an extended visit and a guaranteed photo op or 10, I should finally have some decent new photos to work with.

For now, I plan to finish off the other two layouts and hope my enthusiasm remains high.