I got a blog award!

My first one ever, from Sunshine Girl, a fellow WOYWWer  – how exciting. It’s been quite a full week, and I haven’t had the time to be creative at all (my desk is still clean, if you saw my WOYWW post, and that is truly shocking) but I did want to try to pass on the award to as many bloggers as I can manage of the 15 required. So here are 10 of my favourite places to visit:

Efemera Ink – I just love all her projects. So inspiring.

Dan99 – love his templates and his art.

Kool Kitty – Nat makes cards that I would love to have made.  Bright and breezy and surely a joy to receive!

Linda_E – I love her work for the deeply saturated colours. A feast for the eyes.

VoodooVixen – world traveler and minibook maker.  She often includes full instructions so you can play along.

Canny Crafter – fab projects, sewing, cooking and more.

Scrapdolly – now mostly digi-scraping, and she has taken to it like a  fish to water.  Wish I could do as well

Country Heart and Home – another great-mix blog.  Lovely recipes, fab scrapping, cards, all sorts of things to interest you.

Banana Frog – love the stamps, and always inspired by the projects.

Waltzing Through Life –  Pam does lovely pages, with interesting techniques.

So here is your award:

I’ll add the last 5 blogs in another post.  Some of the ones I had in mind have already been awarded and I don’t think you are meant to repeat them!

I do think it funny to get a lovely award in the very week when I am neglecting my blog badly.  I fear the blog award police will hunt me down and take it away LOL!