a rather shocking WOYWW

Settle in, folks, as this is likely to be a long one. I had to clean my room in anticipation of the BBC arriving so I figured as long as I had to do it, I might as well document it.  It’s far from perfect, but it’s about as clean as my room has been since we moved in.

Addendum: Just cause people keep asking – DD skates with a group called SPICE (link and info in the previous post) and SPICE gets funding from Children in Need. They suggested DD to be the focus of one of those “send us your money” pieces they screen on the night – not as effective as some of the very sad stories at tugging at people’s heartstrings, but having a feel-good story every once in a while helps keep the balance, I suppose. Anyway, they are going to come here (once again I say OMG!) to film a bit then will film her on the ice on Sunday.

Starting from the door that heads out to the BIG front hall (which was always a sort of playroom for the kids, although to be honest they don’t really “play” there anymore so now it has my sewing stuff in it along with bookshelves)

You can see my HiTi (for photos) and my Epson 1400 (for everything else).  The underneath cabinet holds printing supplies, labels, ink, papers, etc.

Next, the computer, with my dual-monitor set up.  I could never go back to one, no matter how big.  Oh, and my MASSIVE cup of iced tea.  My Sis gave me this giant thermal mug – she got it when she was in hospital a while back.  So nice to make a BIG drink and not have to hop up every hour to refill it.  It must hold a 1/2 gallon of liquid.

My actual crafting desktop – the bins on the wndow ledge hold stuff I need all the time, adhesives, of all kinds, sewing stuff like needles and thread, clothespins for holding stuff while I wait for it to stick, my most commonly used punches, my CM circle cutter, and the CD case box has all my hole punches, pinking shears and decorative scissors (the maybe 4 that I actually use) and Cropadile.  To the left are my mists, in letterboxes. The rotating caddy to the right of the bins has things like rulers and craft knives, scissors, pokey tools, files and emery boards, some brushes and pens/pencils. UNDER the desk, leaving just enough room for my feet, is my clear stamp storage on the left and ink pads and mounts and tiny alphas.

That is a better shot of the stamps, stored in CD cases.

Moving on….

It sort of got missed out, but just to the right of where I sit is my Copic storage box, and my pen holder with all my Sharpies and Bic Permanent markers, and my BIG Bite.  More stamps (mostly foam ones, alpha sets and otherwise) and ink pads and related stamping supplies and BIG punches under, and more small drawers (Asda, £4) that house things like alcohol inks, tags, felt borders, decorative tapes, metal bits, brads, eyelets, bling, etc. with paper bags and boxes of stickers, diecuts, rub ons, etc on top (sort of out of the picture)

Skipping over the door on the other side, more shelves

Alpha sticker, Thickers, etc, in a desktop letter tidy or two, sorted by colour.  Books and mags below and files for things like transparencies and specialty papers. The bin you can see just at the far right has silk flowers, mosty dis-assembled from stalks.

Paper and cardstock above, more wood mounted stamps below. And my Cricut.

I am guessing this Ikea unit might have been the precursor to the Expidit?  It is open at the sides, with longer middle shelves.  It has, OMG, so much stuff on it.  Sides have my old ZIP-E-mate and embossing folders as well as the few Spellbinder dies I have, my mid-size Xyron, and the pre-cursor to the Cropadile (HUGE, heavy, but works really well – called the Long-Reach pro and DH carried it back from CA and a business trip once, the star) Let’s see, top is ribbons, mostly in old coffee jars and laundry tubs, then paints and Liquid Pearls, and the shallow drawers have ephemera and collage bits.

More ribbons and lace, Hermafix, card blanks and a stack of mountboard I got for free from the local framer, hiding my massive scrap-bin.  Then boring stuff, like the UKS badges and Trolley coins (which I am slowly running out of) and the little boxes they get mailed in and some business papers and just clutter, which is usually hidden by the open door!

And just a shot across the top, where I display some of my projects – you can see the pink bird, the girl in the cage, the Midwich Cuckoos Milk carton, the iPhone stand and a bin full of mini-books – and more.

Phew.  It still looks like chaos, to an outsider, but I mostly know where everything is.

So that is my WOYWW – a first and last, I bet, where it is more or less organized.  I’ll be cleaning for most of the rest of the day, in between tending DD after her tooth pull (look back to Tuesday to see more about both the teeth and the BBC tie in) so forgive me if I don’t get on to your blog today.

Happy WOYWW! And pop round to Julia’s place to join in the fun.