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Unpleasant day

I am not a blogger who unloads buckets of personal detail on my blog.  I know there are those who prefer a craft-info-only craft blog, as well as those who prefer the mix of craft and life but that really isn’t a factor for me and my handful of readers – it’s a personal choice as I just don’t feel comfortable sharing all the ins and outs of our family life with (potentially) anyone who stumbles on this place so I don’t.  But my DD had 5 teeth pulled yesterday (hence the no-post) and the timing couldn’t be worse as there was a last minute scheduling of a BBC film crew coming to the house (I’ll pause while you look around YOUR house, which is perhaps like MY house, clean, comfortable, but not in the pristine state you would wish it to be if you knew it could potentially be seen by the nation on one of the biggest fundraising nights on TV, Children in Need, and then go O M G!) on Thursday.  DDs skating group, SPICE (Special People on Ice) gets funding from CIN and they nominated DD to be the subject and there we are.

You can just about see DD in the red trousers in the middle.

So I will not be posting much, because I will be cleaning, esp. my scrap room.  On the upside, my WOYWW post is likely to be a real shocker LOL! A clean desk, after months of chaos?  That should be interesting.