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You’ll be forgiven if you arrive here and thing you hit my WOYWW post – or think I am a day late – but in reality it’s just that I am deep in the midst of a little project I am making using a discarded deck of playing cards. DS does magic tricks (and he’s quite good at it) and got a handful of specialist decks last year at Christmas. After many months of use, the coating gets a bit less slippery (which is needed for some tricks) and he stops using them. During the end-of-summer attack on the chaos of his bedroom, he was putting these in the bin. I rescued them. The card faces (which you might be able to see) are black and the backs (which you can’t see at all are very arty.

The temptation was to use the Stampotique stands, but I have used them A LOT recently so I rummaged thru my stamps and came up with these 3 sets of Circus Stamps, passed on to me by my MIL many, many years ago. They are a bit unique as they come with Magnastamp holders, which pre-date clear stamps by a long way. The stamps themselves are mounted on a magnetic sheet and while not closely trimmed, can be, and the mounts are clear except for the bit f metal that the stamp clings to. I always thought it was a brilliant idea and for a while even mounted my un-mounted stamps on something I bought ages ago – magnetic business card backs. They are adhesive on one side, so you can attach a business card to them and create a business card magnet! anyway, the cards and the circus stamps are coming together nicely and I’ll be able to share it soon, I hope. It’s been an interesting project for sure and I just hope in the end it turns out anything like what I thought in my head – always a danger when you head in a radically different direction with something.

So that is what will be occupying me today.  at the moment I feel like I am about 60% there on it.  I may need to stamp, scan, and increase in size one stamp, and I think  I will need one or two things to finish it off that I am pretty sure I don’t have, but who knows what might turn up in my stash?  I am ALWAYS surprised at what I have, how old it is, and how it often finishes off something perfectly….or not, as the case may be!