WOYWW 29/9/2010

Another week another WOYWW!  Pop over to Julia’s place to see what all the fuss is about.

Another week of chaos on my desk.  The manly  card from yesterday front and centre, still needing the inside finish.  The finished vintage fabric pin from Monday, and a less-vintage one (can you see it? It’s green!) that also will get finished today.  I am having run with these but they are no-where near as stunning as the originals.  Also a little mini-book page that just needs a tiny bit of journaling to finish it off.

The bottle is Radiant Rain, one of the first of the glimmer mist things.  I’m not sure they sell it anymore – although it works perfectly well (and I prefer it to the actual Glimmer Mists) it does stink to high heaven after it’s been opened.  Someone told me that i because they didn’t use sterile water, but I don;t know if that is true.  I do know it smells like stinky feet.  Bleech! On a more positive note I do love my new 7 Gypsies edge punch set.  There is a better photo of the card a day back, where you can see I used to to make the little brown border strip – that edge seems very popular for die cut cardstock nowadays so having a punch that lets me make it easily is fab.

And my Stampotique card for the current challenge again, just cause I love it so, and I hate to just post a photo of the mess on my desk. I think I’ll have to send it to myself so I can keep it LOL!

I really do need to clean up, but not till I make a good effort to visit as many blogs as I can cram in – DD is feeling a bit under the weather this week, and seeing as she has to have 5 teeth pulled on Monday I’m just hoping she feels better soon lest they delay it!