WOYWW 22/9/2010 – dominos

Hi there WOYWWers!

Finally getting back to that project from last week.  I had a couple of days with a very painful wrist, which left me unable to craft (hated that) and then wrecked my back over the weekend, which left me unable to sit at my desk except for short periods of time, THEN I got lumbered with a bag of tomatoes with the insistence that I needed to “do something with them” as they were a gift, so I spent the better part of the day making spaghetti sauce from scratch.  OK so it was a lot of slow simmering for hours and hours but I also had the roofer in and was expecting the alarm guy (a no show – arrrgghh! that peeves me off!) and blah blah blah.  Boring but, like the laundry, it needed to be done.

So, back to the heads from last week.  Now you can see what they are going to be – a spooky set of dominos!  I had to hunt up a domino matrix, as I foolishly painted over the symbols before making note of them.  You can see I stamped the heads next to each row so I would get them right.

It is quite a lot of work to stamp, colour and cut them all then do the little background squares and eventually Mod Podge them all and decorate the box, but it is fairly low impact work, I can watch something on the Mac while at my desk, so it isn’t too stressful.  With any luck I will finish them today.  Fingers crossed! But first a few hours visiting other WOYWW desks – that is sure to spark off some other project that will distract me if I get bored with the repetitive domino making!

Happy Wednesday!