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Sunday-someplace-else (Deze is ook leuk!)

OK, so this one is NOT in English, but the links often are. A bit like BlogBits on the UKS homepage, this blog has loads of links to interesting crafting projects across the web. The first I heard of it was when they contacted me to see if I would mind having a link to one of my posts there. Of course I wouldn’t! I spent ages going thru back posts and discovered a lot of stuff to bookmark for further exploration.

Some items that caught my fancy:

Although it sometimes give quite comical translations, Babelfish is a great way to at least get a sense of what the foreign-language entries are all about. I looked at the title (in Dutch) and assumed it said something like LOOK AT THESE! but Babelfish tells me it is These are also nice!, which seems a bit like damning with faint praise, but nevermind….

Check it out.