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Somehow, possibly all the cleaning, I’ve managed to wreck my wrist. Which means not too much on the crafting front (and the typing front, ouch) for a day or two. Not great timing (ouch) so I can’t share my project with the stamped heads (ouch) cause it isn’t done yet, and I still have a load of WOYWW desks to visit.  I’ll do them in small batches, I think (ouch)

Actually, I’ve been checking and a fair few of the comments I posted have not appeared. I’m in no shape to check all of them to try to figure out what the parameters of the problem are, but I am getting seriously narked off at the problems I have been having. At least the last time I got an error report telling me they weren’t posted (ouch) but now I just type and type and they seem to go into a big black hole. Grrrrrr.

Instead here is one of my all time favourite projects – a couple of little pose-able dolls covered with scrappy paper and holding a photo banner (ouch). The idea was I could change the photos as time went by but getting decent photos of my camera-shy teens is proving difficult (ouch) so two or three years on they remain the same.

Still love them.  Covering the boy version about did my head in, however, as it is covered with little tiny pieces overlapped over the whole surface (ouch), so you can see why I did a more painted and less paper covered version for the girl doll!

I need some Nurofen….maybe the PLUS version……