Just a reminder to you to check out WOYWW – I always look forward to seeing desks at least as messy as mine!

What’s interesting today?  The cardstock Word book from yesterday (see the PDF in the sidebar) and a little pile of heads-only Stampotique people for something I am working on (hopefully ready to share that soon).  The morass of cables that hook up the router, the VOIP phone, and the security camera – how I hate them! – and lots and lots of clutter.

Hopefully your desk isn’t the disaster mine always is but if it IS, then at least it’s because you are in the midst of a creative frenzy!

51 thoughts on “WOYWW

  1. I love your desk, especially your pile of heads. I love that I’m not the only person in the world who has piles of heads on their desk! Thank you for sharing and for making me feel normal.

  2. I think everything should be wireless … Apologies for my tardiness this week … still they do say better late than never :0)

  3. WooHooOOoo! Great stuffs everywhere!

  4. the word book is great! cute font and colors ( #11)

  5. I detest cables too but they are a necessary evil these days with all our gadgets and technology. Thanks for sharing your desk that’s about the same as mine I think in the messy stakes (except I don’t have cables all over it thank goodness).

    Lesley Xx (#87)

  6. Can’t get creative without a little mess…just wouldn’t be natural!

  7. superb messiness going on there mary~anne…loving the jack book :0)

  8. Hi. I don’t think your desk is too untidy!!! Mine is often much worse.. Love your storage just to hand

  9. I wouldn’t call it messy at all….it’s just a desk in use 🙂
    A x

  10. Great desk this week hun xx Happy WOYWW, Sorry I’m a bit late xx Hugs Tina (#9) xx

  11. Love all the creative mess. I share my craft table with my kitchen table so I always have to clean mine up. Unusally this results in a junky kitchen and a clean scrap table ha ha. Happy WOYWW

  12. Congrats on such a productive desk. Cables are a pain, but they are a necessary evil. Thanks for sharing.
    Alicia.R. (#81)

  13. your workdesk looks very productive to me! I’d love to see how all these projects turn out!

  14. That is a very groovy font you’re I don’t see the wires until you point them out – funny, huh.

  15. It doesn’t look so bad, a creative space rather than a mess…though what a lot of tape runners you have !! Happy WOYWW…Esther

  16. Those red things look like a bunch of tape rollers from Costco? I have them too 🙂

    An industrious desk!!


  17. i got those draws. found i can not put a lot of anything in them then the bottom draw does not open well, fab workspace,Happy WOYWW! Thank you for sharing your workspace (Linky number 19)

  18. Sadly, technology needs cables (mostly)… I hate them too!

  19. Well, I don’t think this is a disaster but CREATIVITY !!! Happy WOYWW, Carola – 112

  20. Lovely crafty things going on, and much tidier than mine

  21. Fab mess and the book looks gorgeous……. lots of glue runners!!


  22. Definitely with as regards “in the midst of a creative frenzy”. Like the way you think… 🙂

  23. Lovely busy desk, love the book card


  24. Looks like a working desk to me…. How many tape rollers have you got on it though?


  25. I think your desk looks quite tidy and I love the Stampotique heads, interested to see what you create. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans x

  26. Your desk looks tidy to me!! I shall look forward to seeing what you come up with for those heads. I love using just the heads too x

  27. Love the word book and thanks for the pdf… will be giving that a go!!
    Hmmmm, methinks you had better have a little tidy up before the last of the cutting mat disappears for good!! 🙂

  28. Well I hope your better now the wires are some what out of the way they are a wee bit of a nusance but if your gonna have gadgets then your gonna have wres lol and who could lve with out a computer printer and goodness knows what else lol

    Love Dawn xx

  29. I hate wires and cables too – totally unsightly but unfortunately – necessary!
    A great workspace looking very busy!
    (no 64)

  30. Your desk messy? I don’t think so. If you need to feel good about your desk, just come and have a look at mine this week. LOL

  31. yay a fellow rats nest wire Hater

    Im With YOU

    (i’m 49 according to the new code of Piddawinkle)


  32. Love the word book 🙂 Yours may be messy but I still beat you hands down this week, mine’s overflowing with mess
    Anne x

  33. I love your desk and your creativeness…. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Well it looks creative, but why all those snail adhesives are you going to have a snail race he he. Love your word book have a nice WOYWW. Jo.xx

  35. Whew! Not the most untidy though!

  36. Lol, I really don’t think your desk can be considered a complete disaster until we can’t see any of your cutting mat or your desk! Right now I can see a bit of both!


  37. the desk I work on is always messy, too many crafts too little time. what are you doing with the Stampotique heads (sounds a bit macabre 🙂 )

  38. Fab workspace, not messy, just creatively cluttered!

  39. I wanna make the pic bigger! What IS that in the middle above the word book?! Oh, are they the heads?

  40. Those who can create without any mess are a rare breed, creativity needs chaos and with more than one project on the go alittle mess is more than acceptable

  41. Wow … there’s a lot of tape/glue dispensers on your desk .. someones been busy lol 😀

  42. Mine is usually messy but not this week again for some odd reason lol, think I am going to have to mess it up, looks like a great project you have going on. Joey.x

  43. Hi ya
    lovely creative desk, the word book looks great, i hate all the wires hard to hide them sometimes, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  44. Thats tidy compared to mine sometimes! Hugs Pam x

  45. Your desk is no way a disaster compared to mine. Have a great day!
    sue xx

  46. Great desk, lots to look at and no such thing as ‘messy’ – just an inspiring workplace! 🙂

  47. As you know I can always be relied upon to supply you with a desk that is in a far worse state than yours.

    Lovely looking project on the go.

    Kay xoxxo

  48. Your desk looks creative not messy. The word book looks good.

  49. Nothing wrong with a messy desk, I reckon. (otherwise I’m in trouble!)

  50. Well, mine is sometimes that messy, but not quite. I guess because I don’t have a desk, but a table, I have to keep mine clutter free. Love all those storage containers, though. They look so handy. And that book is adorable. Happy WOYWW.

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