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Word Books

There has been some discussion on making custom word books over on UKS, so I thought I would share how I do mine. This one uses a font, filled with digital patterned paper, then hand cut, a very FAT font, and a short word. I did a quickie PDF for it, which I hope addresses how you can do the same with your Cricut or Robo or Silhouette or whatever.

Here’s the one I did as a sample:

And the PDF is in the sidebar, or by clicking here.

Sorry I missed out yesterday but we are doing a Fall Clean, getting the garden and house ready for the winter months ahead. I re-organized my book shelves yesterday and packed up about 4 carrier bags of books I know I will not re-read so safe to pass on. It should be the kitchen cabinets today but DD has her Botox (shame on you! Not for her looks, for her cerebral palsy) today and I will probably not get to it, depending on how she goes.