Sunday-someplace-else (Just something I made)

I think this blog is just brilliant. There is so much inspiration here! I love the recent post she wrote and links here about buying cheap notecards from the $/£ store and adding your own personalization with your printer. Brilliant.

The free digital downloads here are fab, and so many of them! Lots of adorable images to add to cheap canisters to make them look much more expensive, and good instruction so you can do it yourself.

And I adore the little banner made from vintage cheese labels (download available on the blog!)

And check out the towels decorated with vintage medicine labels as well

Honestly, you skip checking this blog out at your peril.  It will keep you busy all day, jump-start your creativity like you would not believe, and provide you with images and downloads that will keep you happily crafting for days to come.  I cannot urge you strongly enough to check it out.  Really.  I’m gushing, I know, but once you visit you will TOTALLY get why.